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Butler & al. vs Butler's Exor &c } In Chancery. Pursuant to the foregoing decree the undersigned Comm'r has proceeded to reform the accounts, therein mentioned as is exhibited within, and finds that the defendant William A Butler is indebted to the estate of his testator William Butler dec'd. in a balance of four dollars and 68 cents with legal interest thereon from the 15th day of October 1833, till paid. The hires of the slave George, since the revocation of the powers of the said William A Butler as exor of William Butler dec'd. having been recovered in the action of detinue in the said decree mentioned, by the admor de bonis non of the said William Butler, are excluded from the within Statement, all which is respectfully reported and submitted. William Hutt, Comm'r of Westm'd. Cty. Sup'r. Ct. Law & chy Comm's. Office 10th February 1840 }