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26 Q. Who is Cherry that you speak of? A. They are one of his sisters or brothers daughter. 27 Q. Is she living? A. Well I haven't seen her in quite a many years. 28 Q. Well have you heard of her death? A. No sir, I haven't heard of her death. 29 Q. Where does she live? A. She lives in Southampton County. 30 Q. What part of it? A. Near Suffolk, I guess. 31 Q. Can you read or write? A. No sir, can't do either. 32 Q. Were you ever in Chuckatuck? A. Yes, sir, once. 33 Q. Is it a town, a village or County? A. It was a little village or something. I don't know what it was. I never saw so many houses in my life. I must call it a village. 34 Q. Now, in what County is it? A. I don't know anything more than Chuckatuck. I guess it ain't fur from here. I don't know what it is. 35 Q. Do you know of your own know of your own knowledge that Elias Darden ever lived in Chuckatuck? A. I don't know more than what his young Mistress told me. 36 Q. When was the first time that you ever saw Elias Darden? A. The first time I saw him was when I told you--when I come to Portsmouth. 37 Q. When was the first time you ever saw his mother? A. When I first saw her--I could not say, I have been seeing her for a long time --couldn't remember. -13-