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38 Q. Was it before the war? A. Yes, sir. 39 Q. When was the last time you ever saw her? A. I saw her during he war--it was the last time I saw her. 40 Q. Where did she reside at that time? A. Lived at Col. Rhode's place. 41 Q. Was she a slave? A. Yes, sir, she was bound to be. 42 Q. Was her husband a slave? A. Yes, sir. 43 Q. Was Elias Darden ever sold away? A. Well I can't say about sold away, but when his young Mistress was married he was carried down to Chuckatuck. 44 Q. Did you know of your own knowledge that he was carried to Chuckatuck? A. No. 45 Q. About the selling, you know anything about that? Was he ever sold? A. They were divided, and his Mistress took him away with her. 46 Q. When was that? A. It was long before the war. 47 Q. Did Elias ever live in North Carolina? A. No sir, he lived in Virginia where his mother lived. 48 Q. How old was he when he died? A. I don't know sir, I don't know. -14-