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49 Q. About how old was he? A. I don't know, sir. 50 Q. Was he 50 years old? A. I don't know sir. 51 Q. 70 years old? A. I don't know sir, how old he was. They were divided and sold before I was born. 52 Q. Of your own knowledge, do you know that Lucy, the mother of Elias is dead? A. Yes, sir. 53 Q. Of your own knowledge? A. I didn't see her die 54 Q. Is your mother that testified here to-day in her dotage? (objected to on the ground that it requires an expert opinion) A. She is going back, I can tell that. 55 Q. You have heard her testimony to-day, have you not? A. Yes, sir 56 Q. And been in her presence all the time she was giving in testimony? A. Yes, sir. 57 Q. Were the statements that she made, so far as you know true? A. Well, or course, so far as I know, her statements were true. 58 Q. She's a truthful woman, is she not? A. She's always had that name. 59 Q. And she has not departed from it in her testimony? In other words she has spoken truthfully in the testimony. A. So far as I know, yes sir. and further this deponent saith not. Signature waived by consent of Counsel. -15-