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13 Q. Was she any relation or family connection of Elias Darden, who was the husband of Susanna Riddick, and if so, state what? A. I knew Berta, I married his nieces father. 14 Q. You mean you married his deceased sisters husband? A. Yes sir. 15 Q. While you knew Elias Darden did you ever hear him talk about his relation? A. Yes, he talked about his sisters. 16 Q. Ever hear him talk about his mother? A. Never heard him speak anything about his mother. He spoke of his niece's mother. 17 Q. What was his name. A. No more than Cherry. That's Hettie's daughter. She was down her on the 4th of July 1896. 19 Q. Where does she live? 20 Q. And this Cherry you speak of was his sister Hettie's daughter? A. Yes, sir. Cross Examination By Mr Martin: 1 Q. And you know that she's now living? A. Yes sir. I left her about 10 minutes to 12 o'clock on the 4th of July night. She got on the train, I was down there with her. 2 Q. What train Norfolk & Western? A. No sir, Seaboard, down to the Union Depot. -17-