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3 Q. Those are all of the relations that you know of these parties? A. She had some Aunts, one name Marguereet, one name Galtee. 4 Q. You say you knew Elias Darden four or five years before his death? A. Yes, sir, got acquainted with him when he moved on that corner. 5 Q. Did you talk to him frequently? A. Yes, sir, went to see him some times, like people do it. 6 Q. You never heard him speak of his father or mother? A. No, sir; he spoke of his sister and his niece Cherry. 7 Q. When did Elias die? A. I couldn't tell you what year it was. 8 Q. Was it before you went to Portsmouth or afterwards? A. After I moved to Portsmouth 9 Q. When did you move to Portsmouth? A. I moved back to Portsmouth about 15 years ago. 10 Q. Was Elias Darden living? A. Yes, sir, he was living. I wish to correct myself, he was dead when I moved back. 11 Q. How long before you moved to Portsmouth did he die? A. I couldn't tell you exactly. 12 Q. 10 years before? A. I couldn't tell you - don't know sir. 13 Q. 20 years before? A. I couldn't tell you for fear I would make it wrong. 14 Q. 25 years before? A. I don't think it was 25 years. I know when he died but I don't know the day nor the month. 15 Q. Can you specify that time? A. Can I? 18