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To the honorable Abel P. Upshur, judge of the circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for Accomack County; humbly complaining shew unto your Honour, your orators Hugh G. Seymour, William Bull for the use of Hugh G. Seymour, Zorobabel Fox, Thomas Cropper, William Walstton and John B. Ailworth trustee &c of Alexander McCollom, that on the [blank] day of [blank], 1830 a certain Charles Mason departed this life, having first duly made and published his last will and testament, for passing real & personal estate, which he left in full force & unrevoked at his death, and is now of record in the Clerks office of Acco. Co. and is prayed to be taken & considered as part of the bill that he left at the time of his death three children Charles, and Polly Mason & Ann Bull formerly Ann Mason. That he died siezed of several tracts of land which he denoted to his 3 children Charles, Polly and Ann which will more fully & at large appear by reference to his sd last will. That sd C. Mason left at his death a considerable personal estate and amongst other personally he left several slaves which he manumitted by his sd last will & testament, which will move fully & at large appear by reference to sd will, that William P. Custis the Exor. therein named, qualified upon said estate and after having partly settled the same, resigned the same and it was committed into the hands of William Parramore Sr; Sheriff, who has settled the same as far as assets have come into his hands and on the [blank] day of [[blank] 1838 returned his audit and settlement of sd Estate, by which it seems that debts binding the heirs have been paid by the adminis[strators]