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[admin]istrators aforesaid and which were a legal charge upon the lands of sd. C. Mason dec'd. being specialty debt in which the sd. Mason had bound his heirs, and the administrator has nothing left in his hands to discharge the remaining debts of said Mason, except the slaves aforesaid, which were manumitted by sd. Mason's last will & testament; That the said Mason was indebted to your orators H. G. Seymour in the sum of 148.74 with int from [struck through] $17.53 cts and William Bull for the sum of H. G. Seymour 17.53 with int. from Dec. 1837 and Thomas Cropper in the sum of $64.05 with int. and Zorobabel Fox in the sum of $102.50 with int. And to your other orators the sums stated in their acts and that he died indebted to sundry other persons whom claims are still outstanding & unpaid to the amt of several hundred dollars. That the rents and profits of sd. lands are not applied to the payment of sd. debt and if they were would be insufficient to keep down the int and pay the principal in any reasonable time: that the lands are liable to the payment of these debts upon the principle of marshalling assets &c. To the end therefore that full & complete justice may be done in the promises & forasmuch as your orators are without adequate remedy except in a court of equity may it please your honour to cause the sd William Parramore Snr. late Sheriff, and as such administrator de bonis non of C. Mason dec'd. with the will annexed Southy W. Bull & Polly his wife, Charles Mason & Ann E. Bull infant of sd. Southy W. Bull the sd. Polly Charles and Ann being the heirs at law of Charles Mason dcd, to be made parties defendant to this bill that a guardian ad litem may be appointed to sd. Ann E Bull infant that the afs'd' parties may answer this bill on oath: that the sd. administrator may render an account of his actings and doings before a commissioner of the court, of such debts against the estate of sd. Mason as he has paid off, that do bind the heirs and such as do not, and that a decree may be pronounced for the sale of the slaves aforesaid or such part of them as may be necessary for the payment of the debts aforesaid, if it be within the power of this Court to render such decree and if not that it may please the court to decree the lands aforesaid to be sold or so much of them as may be necessary to pay the debts aforesaid and such other debts as may be reported due & that such further and other relief may be afforded as Equity will warrant & their use may require And may a subpoena issue &c E. P. Pitts p.q.