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The Answer of William Parramour Sr late Sherriff of Accomack County, and as such adm'or de bonis non with the will annexed of Charles Mason dec'd. to the Bill exhibited against him and others by Hugh G. Seymour and others, Complainants. This Respondent, saving &c, for answer to said Bill, or to so much thereof as he is advised to answer, answering says: That he admits the will of Charles Mason dec'd and the qualification of Wm. P. Custis as his Executor, and of this respondent as his Administrator de bonis non with the will annexed, after the removal of said Custis from the said Executorship. This Respondent knows nothing of the claims enumerated in said bill of Complaint, and he calls therefore for the fullest proof of each and every one of them. This Respondent says further, that he has fully administrated the estate of the said Mason, so far as the same has come to his hands, except that he has not sold the Negroes which were emancipated by sd Mason in his will, as in the Bill alleged, and that he has now in his hands a small sum belonging to said estate, and which arose from the hires of said negroes. And this respondent says further, that he is advised, and therefore insists, that by a provision of the will of said Charles Mason, as well as by the law of the land and the principles of Equity, independently of said provision, the lands of said Charles Mason, which were devised by him to his children, and liable for his debts, before the negroes which were emancipated by him in his will as aforesaid; and this respondent refers to the