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claims of said will in these words to wit "The balances of my estate after the payment of my just Debts I give to be equally divided between my three children Charles C. Mason Polly Mason, and Ann Bull to them & their heirs forever"........ and prays that the land may be taken and considered as part of this answer. And this respondent files herewith a a copy of said will marked "A" and this respondent says further that this is a suit now or pending against him as admins aforesaid is from of a certain [james?] Fox & wife & where in a considerable amount is sought to his recovered of this respondent as admi'or of said Charles Mason who was Ex'or of a certain Zorobabel Mason who was guardian of the wife of the said [James?] Fox. And this respondent says further, that this is a claim against the said estate in favor of the estate of [rivell?] Hickman dcd to whom sd Mason was ex'or or Adminor for a balance appearing over from the said Mason upon the audit & settlement of sd Hickman's estate- And this respondent says further, that he prays no benefit of the act of assembly written "An act for limitations of Actions, for preventing frivolous & vexatious suits commencing