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claims of said will in these words to wit "The balance of my estate after the payment of my just Debts I give to be equally divided between my three children Charles C. Mason, Polly Mason, and Ann Bull to them & their heirs forever" - and prays that the same may be taken and considered as part of this answer. And this respondent files herewith a Copy of said Will marked "A." And this Respondent says further, that there is a suit now depending against him as admor aforesaid is form of a certain James Fox & wife, wherein a considerable amount is sought to be recovered of this respondent as adm'or of said Charles Mason who was Ex'or of a certain Zorobabel Mason who was guardian of the wife of the said James Fox. And this respondent says further, that this is a claim against the said estate in favor of the estate of Revell Hickman dec'd., to whom sd. Mason was Ex'or or Adm'or for a balance appearing due from the said Mason upon the audit & settlement of sd. Hickman's estate. And this respondent says further, that he prays the benefit of the Act of Assembly entitled "An Act for limitation of Actions, for preventing frivolous & vexatious suits, concerning infants; and certain proceedings in civil cases," passed on the 25th of February1819, as fully and completely as if the same was here Specially pleaded; and that if the said Plaintiffs, as any of them, are barred of their remedy by the said Act of Assembly, they may not recover their claims against this respondent. All which &c without that &c And having fully answered, this respondent prays to be hence dismissed with his reasonable costs &c William Paramore Jr Dy for Wm Paramore Sr late Shff and as such adm'r Chas Mason dec'd.