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The separate answer of Charles Mason, an infant, by Edmond R Allen, his guardian ad litem to the Bill of Complaint exhibited against him & others by Hugh G. Seymour & others, in the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the county of Accomack. This Defendant [saving?] &c & answering [by?] his paid guardian ad liten, saith that he admits the death of Charles Mason, the father of this respondent, the publication of his last will & testament & the admission of the same to record in the county court of Accomack, as these several matters all set forth in said bill; that he left surviving him three children of when this respondent is one. And for further answer, this respondent says that how the personal assets of the said Charles Mason decd's estate have been administered by those to whom the administration thereof has been from time to time committed, this respondent is entirely ignorant. This respondent knows nothing about the several claims set up by the plaintiffs; but the same being claimed as simple contacts, this respondent insists upon the benefit of the act entitled "An act "for limitations of action; for preventing, frivolous" & vexatious suits: Concerning [Leofils?] & certain" proceedings in civil cases." & that the same be allowed him as fully & to the same extent to all intents & purposes as if the same were specially & formally pleaded & set forth; & having fully answered, he prays to be hence dismissed &c. Edmond R. Allen, guardian to Charles Mason Sworn to before me this 6th day of June 1840 [illegible] J.Pl