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Seymour &c vs Mason's heirs &c } In Chy The answer of Southey D. Bull in his own right & also as guardian ad litem to his child Mary E. Bull & also as guardian ad litem to his wife Polly Bull formerly Polly Mason. This defendant saving &c for answer to [illegible] Bill says this- He is a [sound?] this the plaintiff's no this course [has?] no right to recover from any one, if for no other reason, because their accounts are [bound?] by the statue of limitations, the protection of which he [illegible?] claims but this defendant resists if any one is to answer for the demands of plaintiff [illegible] is no the [illegible] as they cannot be [called?] upon until the entire [illegible] not estate is exhausted, which has not been done, for the sd Charles Mason s manumitted by his will [several?] slaves, who are primarily [illegible] for the claims of Ptfs, if [illegible] any body be so [illegible] This defendant saving fully answered [illegible] the [illegible] with his costs Southey D. Bull