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Seymour &c vs Mason's heirs &c } In Chy The answer of Southey W. Bull in his own right & also as guardian ad litem to his child Mary E. Bull & also as guardian ad litem to his wife Polly Bull formerly Polly Mason. This defendant saving &c for answer to Pltf's Bill says, that he is advised that the plaintiff's in this cause have no right to recover from any one, if for no other reason, because their accounts are [bound?] by the statue of Limitations, the protection of which he hereby claims; but this defendant insists if any one is to answer for the sd. demands of plaintiff it is not the heirs, as they cannot be called upon until the entire personal estate is exhausted, which has not been done, for the sd Charles Mason manumitted by his will several slaves, who are primarily liable for the claims of Ptfs, if indeed any body be so liable. This defendant having fully answered prays to be dismissed with his costs Southey D. Bull