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Hugh G. Seymour &c Plaintiffs against C. Mason's ad: & heirs Defendants. } In Chancery. In the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for Accomack County. The deposition of John Lilliston being first duly sworn deposeth & saith in answer to the following interrogatories viz Question by Plaintiffs attorney. 1st. Were you acquainted with Charles Mason dec'd. Answer. I was. 2nd .Are you acquainted with Zorobabel Fox one of the plaintiffs in this suit. Answer. I am. 3rd. Do you, or do you not know, whether the said Mason in his lifetime employed the said Fox as his overseer, and at what price. Answer. He the said Mason told me he did, and I understood from him he was to give $60 for the first year and $65 for the second. 4th. How many years did the said Fox live with the said Mason as his overseer. Answer. Two years. 5th. At what time did the sd Fox go live with the sd Mason. Answer. The year before he died and continued to live with him the whole of this year he did die. 6. Do you, or do you not know, the year the said Mason died. Answer. In May 1830. 7th. Do you, or do you not know whether Dr Hugh G. Seymour was the family Physician of the said Mason, and whether he attended him in his last illness. Answer. He was his family physician, and attend him in his last illness. 8th. Was he, or was he not frequent in his attendance upon the family of the said Mason as his physician. Answer. I have seen him there frequently. And further the deponant saith not. John T Lilliston