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-ever he had assets - please state what you have heard him say relative to this matter. (The defendants by counsel objected to the last question because it was a leading one) Answer. I believe I have heard him say that he did prevent them from bringing suit by telling them he would pay them off whenever he had assets. (The defendants by this counsel object to this answer because it states matter of belief and not matter of recollection or matter of fact.) 7th Did you or did you not ever hear said Custis make similar admissions relative to an account which Thos. Cropper had against said estate? Answer. Not that I recollect. 8th At what time did you hear Mr. Custis make the admissions alluded to in the 4th Question?. Answer. I do not recollect the time, but I recollect I heard him say so several times before he had a severe spell of sickness in which Dr. Satchell attended him the same year which Mr. James W Custis also had a severe spell of sickness. I also heard him make the admissions several times after that time, two or three times before & after that time. 9th Can you state how long before this spell of sickness to which you alluded, you heard him make these admissions Answer. Between the commencement of the suit between Mason's Estate & Bull, and the time he had the spell of sickness referred to, I heard him frequently talk on the subject. The last conversation I had with him might have been 1, 2 or 3 or 6 months before the attack alluded to. I did not pay that particular attention to the conversation that I otherwise would, if I had thought I should have ever been called upon to qualify to it. 10th You say in your last answer, that you heard the said Custis frequently talk on the subject between the time of the institution of the suit between Bull & Mason's Estate-- was it, or was it not, at these times you heard the said Custis make the admissions before alluded to? Answer Yes. (The defendants by their counsel object to the 10th question because it is a leading one.) Questions by Defendants Counsel: 1st Were the conversations which you have mentioned between you and the said Custis private conversations between you and him, or were other persons present. Answer- I do not recollect that there were any persons present. 2nd Did the said Custis in these conversations speak of the claims of the persons above named against said Mason's estate, merely as clams against that estate. Answer- He spoke of them as just claims as far as I understood him. 3rd. Were the claims present before him when those conversations took place. Answer- Not that I saw. he merely talked of them as claims against the estate. 4th. Did he speak of them as debts which he knew to be due, or merely as claims upon the assets in his hands. Answer- He spoke of them as claims which he intended to pay whenever he had assets. 5th. Did he speak of them as claims already settled & ascertained, or as claims to be thereafter settled Answer- He did not speak of him as if he knew the exact amount, but as debts which he intended to settle. 6th Did the said Custis state in these conversations, that any of the claims against said Mason's estate which he mentioned, had been settled, or was thereafter to be settled. Answer They were not settled as to amount, but was thereafter to be settled. 7th Can you state how many conversations you ever had with the said W. P. Custis upon the subject of the claims aforesaid.