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Seymour vs Mason The act of [illegible] is well pleaded. The suit was brought in 1839, Feby 5th. & all the accounts are [illegible] these 5 years [illegible] that time. The paper marked B. is not [such an?] [illegible] [illegible] as takes the case out of the [illegible] [illegible] is [illegible] ][such?] acknowledgment [proved?] by the witnesses. They [do not?] specify the [hire?]. As to the [paper?] B it is, if [an?] acknowledgment at all, more than 5 years before the [illegible] of the suit. The [Report?] must be [recommitted?] with directions to strike out all the a/cs [accounts] of more than 5 years [standing?] The heirs must be first [appropriated?] & then the [land?], to the