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Answer. I have had several conversations with him, but how many I cannot tell. 8th Can you state how the said conversations arose. Answer. Not preciselely I cannot, sometimes it was introduced by him and sometimes by myself. 9th Were they not conversations in reference to the probable condition of Mason's estate. And. They were. 10th Were you in the enquiries which you made of Mr. Custis acting as the agent of any of the parties whose claims you mentioned. Answer. I was not. 11. Were not these conversations of a general character designed simply to give you an account of the probable condition of Mason's estate. Answer. He was giving me a general character of the condition of the estate, and said that he owed this man & that man and would pay the claims whenever he had assets - and I think the object was to give me an estimate of the probable condition of Mason's estate. And further the deponent saith not. James Walker

The foregoing depositions of John S. Lilliston, Zerobabel Fox & James Walker was taken for the plaintiffs in the Clerk's Office of Accomack County Court, on the 6th day of August 1840 in presence of the plaintiffs & defendants attorneys - they waiving all exceptions as to notice of time and place of the same, and in the presence of the defendants [Sorathy?] W Bull & Charles Mason. J. J. Ailworth Comssr in Chy.