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By hires of Slaves for 1839 viz Sam .. $60.00 George 60.00 Dick 27.50 Boy 5.00 92.50 [Anna?] 10.00. [Adab?] $5.00 Moses $15.00 30.00 $336.00 It appears from the foregoing account that there is a bal. due the Estate by the admr. de bonis non of } $202.09 1/4 In addition to which there will be in his hands for the hires of Negroes for the year 1840 & 1 about } 232.50 Leaving in his hands the sum of (without interest) $434.59 1/4 Besides which there is due the estate of sd Mason by the Estate of Col. John G. Joynes prin. & interest amounting to about } $275.00 Making in the whole, due the Estate of C. Mason decd. the sum of $709.59 1/4 Out of which is to be paid to the admr. for [illegible] & other expenses as afsd.

The amount of outstanding Debts against the Estate of sd C. Mason decd. viz A Debt due by Charles Mason as admr. of [Rusell?] Hickman decd. to Richard Lewis who married the widow of sd Hickman as appears from the audit of sd Hickman's Estate returned by the said Mason- the sd Lewis' one half of the bal. due on sd audit is $10.81 Int. from1st January 1824. Debts due by simple contract viz No. 1 To Saml. Walston & Son bal. of their a/c (for Merchandize) 43.42 Int. on same from 12th August 1830 " 2 To Saml. Walston for Blacksmith's work done in 1829 17.00 Int. on same from 1st July 1829 (3) To Zorobabel Fox prin $102.50 Int. on $37.50 from 1st Jany. 1830 & int. on $65 from 1st Jany. 1831 (4) To Dr. Hugh G. Seymour medical a/c 104.75 Int. on same from 1st June 1830 (5) To Same assignee of William Bull for Medical a/c 11.38 1/2 Int. on same from 1st Jany. 1830 6 To Jas. Russell's a/c after deducting Mason's a/c vs him 10.25 7. To John Lewis Carpenter 18.02 1/2 " Int. on same from 1830 July 26th 8. To Thomas R. Joynes 8.50 " Int from 1st Jany. 1828 $326.64

Amt. brot over $326.64

9. To John Y. Bagwell heir $2.81 1/4 Int. on same from 1st Jany. 1829. 10 To Parramore & Custis ".90 1/2 Int. from 1st Jany. 1829. 11. To James White 10.00 " Int. from 1st Jany. 1828. 12. To John B. Ailworth Trustee &c. of A. McCollom decd. 42.01 3/4 " Int. from 1st July 1830. Amt. of outstanding Debts vs sd. Mason estate exclusive of int. $382.37 1/2

I was directed by Mr. Twiford one of the creditors of C Mason decd to repeat his a/c [account] at large, with the endorsement on the same admitted to be in the handwriting of W. P. Custis the former Executor of sd. Mason, which a/c and the endorsement thereon is in the following words & figures viz "Charles Mason To J. W. Twiford D[ebto]r. 1836 May 13th To Wine 50c. Do. Brandy 25 75 1837 To Beer 25. Do. 25 to Brandy 25 75 " April To Colt [from?] Lycurgus 10.00 " To Beans .50 1829 July To season from Lycurgus Fanny Stockley 7.00 To Lime 75. To [Alemer's?] a/c 1.75 " May 3d. To 2 drum fish @ 50 1.00 " 19 To 6 Bus. lime @ 12 1/2 .75 " October 21st. To 1 days appraising 1.00 1.00 $24.25 " Int. from 1st July 1829 till pd. " 1839 March 26th I do hereby certify that the within a/c was " [Known?] by me to exist between Mr. Twiford & the estate of " Charles Mason decd, and that if I had been in the possession " of funds, there was no reason known to me why the same " should not have been paid. W. P. Custis [former?] Exr. of Chs Mason dcd "

If the Court shall be of opinion that the foregoing claim is sufficiently established, than there will be outstanding Debts against the estate of sd. Mason amounting (exclusive of interest) to $406.62 1/2

I was directed by the counsel for the defendants to state the particular [kind?] of evidence on which each claim was established, and in obedience to said request report that the