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Ware vs Robertson note for order Price vs [illegible] Taliaferro Addison Taliaferro & [blank] Goodwin who was hereby appointed Commissioner for the purpose any [illegible] of whom may act, shall say the negros were worth from the 1st day of Jany 1833 until the 1st day of Jany 1834. and [returning?] into bond with good & sufficient security for the amount of hire as [applied?] [paymt?] for the said Receiver on the 1st day of Jany 1834 - with condition to cloath the said slaves in the usual manner and to return them to the [illegible] on the said 1st day of Jany 1834 and the said Receiver and Commissioner are hereby directed to Report their proceedings to the court in order for a further decree. and liberty is [illegible] to the defendants to [resume?] their motion to [illegible] if they shall be so advised