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To Messrs Benjamin Norvell and Archa Robertson John and Will Beasley Tinsley Rucker Take notice that on this 2nd day of April 1833 at the clerks office in Amherst County we shall procede to take the depositions of sundry persons to be mad on the trial of and injunction now depending and undetermined in the Circuit Superior Court of law and Chancery for the County of amherst in which you are defendants and we are complainants and if all of said depositions should not be taken or complicated on that day then they will be taken on the day thereafter at the same place and regularly continued from day to day till complated when and where you will please attend. March 28th 1833 John Ware Isaac Rucker Thomas Jordan Nathan G Morriss Will Bates Will McDaniel Isaac K Hansard Ormand Ware