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cannot judge of its sufficiency or insufficiency and further this affiant, sayeth not. Jas W Smith. The affidavit of Nelson David sayeth question by the plaintiff Ellis. Before and after Capt. John Ware Sr. had left this part of the country were you not a constable riding in the neighbourhood of sd John Ware Sr. Ans I was. Question by same was it known to you that sd Ware intended carrying away any part of his property from this part of the country before he did do so. Ans. It was not. Question by the same what were your opportunities to

have heard of said Wares intentions to remove any of his property from this part of the country Ans I was very frequently through his neighbourhood and never heard of any intention of his to cary away any of his property. Question by the same. What was your opinion as to said Wares returning to this part of the country after he had left here, with a part of his negroes Ans From the prevailing report I did not think he would come back. Question by the same Will you state had many attachments were in your hands against the property of said Ware, before my attachment was levied. Ans two as well as I can recollect. Question by the deft John Ware sr. Do you know to whom those attachments were granted and for what amount severally. If so please state their amount as near as you can. Ans one was Capt Gesse Richesons and the other was Charles Barretts, the first of which amount did not exceed fifteen dollars and the other not ten dollars. Question by same had you not frequently been at my house, and upon my plantation during my absence, and what was told you by those who were left in trust or the affsirs of my house as to my intention of returning Ans I had been there two or three times during your absence, Mrs Shelton told me, on my first visit that you would be back sometime in the month of March, and upon one of my last visits she said she did not know whether you ever would return. Question by the same Do you not believe that Mrs Shelton was insulted at your conduct as a public officer, which occasioned her to reply in the manner as above stated. Ans I do not think it was. Question by the pltff Richard  Ellis Was there any objection made by Mrs Polly Shelton who was housekeeper for Capt John Ware sr. the Deft. and if any say what. Ans. she fastened the house doors upon me and said that I should not levy upon any thing in the house. Question by the Deft John Ware sr. Did not Mrs Shelton request you to levy upon other things after having refused.
you admittance in my house. Ans She did further this deponant sayeth not. Nelson Davis.  The affidavit of Jacob Smith sayeth  Question by the plaintiff Was you security for John Ware sr. and in what way. Ans. I was his special bail Question by the same After Capt Ware went away with his negroes did you not become extremely uneasy as his bail  Ans I did  Question by the same. Was it known to you that Captain Ware was going away before he went. Ans No. Question by the same. From the manner that Capt Ware went away with his property did you believe he would return. Ans I did not from reports Question by the defendant in what case was you my special bail. Ans in three cases to Mr Ellis the pltff. Question by the same was there not several others jointly bound with you as bail in those cases you have spoken of. Ans I believe there was two others Question by the same. to what amount was there debts for which you was my bail. Ans I do not know the amount at this time. Question by the same was it not known to you that I had conveyed the principle part of my land to secure the debts due Mr Ellis Ans I believe you had conveyed some of your lands for that purpose. Question by the same did you not see a letter adressed to Ormond Ware  & Peter G Camden by me informing them of my departure, and that they should inform you of my intention to return Ans I saw a letter some time after your departure, and recollect a part of the letter I saw said that there was lands conveyed to secure me if anything should happen, that he should not return or I understood the letter I saw in that way. Question by the same Did you not aid and assist the officer in placing my property in Mr Ellis possession. Ans I went with the officer who carried the property to Mr Ellis. Question by the same was it a voluntary act of yours or was you compelled by the officer in conveying the property to Mr Ellis Ans I was compelled by the officer, and further this affiant sayeth not Jacob Smith.  The affidavit of Isaac Rucker sayeth. Question by the plaintiff Who issued an attachment against the property of John Ware sr before the levying of the plaintiffs attachment, and to what amount. Ans I granted the attachment to Polly Shelton but the amount I do not precisely recollect but believe it to be four hundred dollars or upwards. Question by the deft. Did not Mrs Shelton inform you that I should return as soon as I had effected the business went upon. Ans she did. Question by the same. Dont you believe that Mrs Shelton was persuaded to obtain an attachment