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To the Honorable John Brown Judge of the Chancery District Court holden at Staunton John Bollar Senr. respectfully states that some years past a female slave the property of your Orator on receiving but moderate chastisement for a breach of duty through virtue of her temper and [corporeal exertion?] wrought herself up to such a degree of heat and thirst that on taking two or three drinks of cold water (innocently given her by a member of your orators family and without his knowledge) shortly afterwards expired and was even previously as cold as clay. this circumstance so unusual and unexpected not only gave the greatest concern to your orator but [excited?] uncommon [perhaps?] and rumour in the neighbourhood the real circumstances of the case being unknown [so much?] so that at the instigation of William McClintock hereafter made defendant the coroner of the County raised the body of said slave & had an inquest thereon