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testimony as your orator is advised was [at best?] but [negative?] while that of your orator was positive and in most instances without doubt - yet strange to tell and [unaccountable?] as it may appear a jury was found who gave a verdict against your orator for four hundred & [illegible] dollars and he however before whom the cause was tried not having time to advise the verdict being [rendered?] [put?] before the adjournment for the [illegible] refused a new trial - your orator states that he has too lately discovered the fatal effects produced on the minds of his Country men by the malicious and groundless reports [initiated?] by McClintock and such men which altho when brought to the bar of Justice reason and evidence were [illegible] them [illegible]; yet such [impression?] had they made on the minds of men that the most convincing proof of their falsehood could not lead to a correct decision. Your orator states that on the trial he was surprised and confounded by testimony which he was