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several of whom have turned out to be his most particular witnesses, are immoral to your order and are men of very slender fame. This is the unfortunate business now and the [said?] trial by jury has been violated but the [streams?] of justice have been polluted - possibly by the [subornation?] of testimony - it is also a fact that came of the jury have acknowledged your orator had fully and satisfactorily proved all he had said, yet such was the good character of McClintock that they could not believe he had willingly perjured himself - another of the jury is believed to have stated that altho two of the items to which McClintock swore were proved to be false yet as there was some doubt as to the [third?] the jury he thought bound to find for the plaintiff the defendant not having made out his [justification?] in full - another [illegible] of great weight as is believed in the [illegible] is that [illegible] the end of the [illegible] under the new [disposition?] of the District Court it is difficult if not impossible in many counties to obtain [enlightened?] and [disinterested?] Jury men more especially in Counties situated as Bath is and in the fall term when [accommodations?] can not be had and if to be had at extravagant rates few men can afford (unless the feel an [improper?] interest [illegible] in the cause or causes depending [illegible] free at the expense of one or other of the parties) to spend time and money in attending Court one hour [after?] their [particular business?] [illegible] add to this that in this cause there were probably from 30 to 40 [witnesses?] attending- the [fact?] is believed to be that the cause had been too much talked of, & the feelings of men too fully [enlisted?] to [produce?] a fair and [illegible] result from a Bath Jury nor can your order otherwise account for the outrageous damages [given?]; and [illegible] he [believes?]