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to him the most odious crime against the laws of civil society, is really extraordinary, and is an opinion which your respondent believes is entertained by no one who heard the evidence in the cause, except the Compl't. As to the absence of Kinkead so much complained of in the compl'ts bill your respondent begs leave to remark that he as well as the compl't relied on Kinkead as a witness, and that the absence of Kinkead was known both to plt & deft before they went to trial, and yet no application was made to the court by either party for a continuance; on the contrary the compl't seemed anxious for a trial - without these is any thing farther material or necessary for this defendant to make answer to and not herein confessed avoided or denied further he saith not but prays to be hence dismissed with his costs in this behalf most unjustly sustained & he will ever pray &c. William W Clintic

Bath County Sct This day personally appeared before me William W Clintic who made oath that the facts stated in the preceding answer upon his own knowledge are true and those stated upon the information of others he believed to be true- given under my hand a justice of the peace for the county aforesaid this 13th Nov in the year 1811 W Sittington