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Mr Morgan depo. [wit?] 5 Have you or can you produce your notes on the trial of this said prosecution & of the cause founding this Judgement. if you have produce them or show cause why they ought not to be produced Answ'r. I had some notes which I took on the trial of the comp't. before the examining court. Short memorandums of some of the principal matters, which I considered some, or perhaps, all of the witnesses stated. I have them not here at present and do not know with certainty whether they exist or not, I have no recollection of seeing them since the trial of the aforesaid action of slander, if they do exist they are probably now at my residence in Lewisburgh If I find them after I go home I have no objections to produce them if required - and it become necessary have you a [illegible] you [illegible] this or every day, was objected to by the defendant alledging he was not able to produce his notes altho he did not recollect their import and that his [personal?] [page torn]