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This interrogatory has not been answered in opinion of [illegible] and the answer not being sufficient objected to by pltfs atty which objection is signed & sealed by the magistrates - John C. Sowers {Seal} Alex'r. LaClaire {Seal} but the answer was completed and objected to by pltff Plaintiffs counsel [illegible] & [M?] Willis [arrived?] [illegible] Did not [Mister?] McClintock state the [breast?] of the [woman?], [illegible] as snow or calk Answ'r. Not to my knowledge or belief. I have no recollection of hearing any such thing from him and I do not believe I had any such evidence in my notes (from him) what did Mr McClintock say as to the and ear [wound?] on womans breast Answ'r. I do not remember what he said respecting the wound on her breast, except this that he compared it to a deers bag soaked in water I think he said the wound had that complexion or appearance, but as to her ear I think he said, one of her ears was off. Question by Deft Were there several other witnesses