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8 who swore the same concerning her breast and ear that I did? Answ. I think there were several others that swore to the same or similar amount, except or to the comparison respecting a deers bag &c I do not remember that any other witness made that comparison but to say distinctly who swore this particular or that particular fact I cannot at present pretend to say with precision \as to the car I have a t[oterallty?] distinct recallection that Andrew S. Warrick [a?]ware to what I considered amounted to what was similar to your testimony. I think William Sitting[t?]ors gave as his opinion th[at?] the car as part of this car of the woman was app - as to others I cannot say with precision

Question by same Did I or did I not say, then I put up my hand to the car & the car appeared to be le[ss?] every way, and that it had the gradual round it formerly had?

Answ. I do not recollect that, I think you said you applied to a sticker to her car, and did not observe any, but it appeared to be off