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9 Depos of Jas I Mayers Contd by same

Question Was not James W Cutcheon son in law to the compt and whose deparition was taken here yesterday sworn as a witness an the trial before the examining court,

Answer. James W Cutcheon was present at the examining court & depored as a witness on behalf of the complainant, I dont know of my own knowledge that he is son in law of the comp he swore on that trial that he was and he yesterday stated on oath that he had been married to the complainants daughter who was now dead or was his son in law.

Ques By same What did said Mr Cutehen swear on that trail at the examining court was the health of said negro woman Winney before compt got her?

Answer I think he swore on that trial that it was the general report in the country where the woman had her that the woman was unhealthy and subject to same mind of fits I think he said hysterical fits & that the wife of