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10 of Isaac Mines and a Mrs. Berryhad told him to Quest By same Who asked W W Cutchesen the questions, Did the court?

Answ I interrogated W E Cutchen on that subject, and the consel for the prisoner the now compt asked questions concerning the health of the negro woman before the complaint bought her I have no recollection of the court asking any such question

Question By same Did W W Cutchen appear to give in a cool evidence or appear to be mad when Cross examined?

Answ I that W Cutchen when interrogated by me as to his relationship with the comp seemed to be exasperated W. W. Cutchen also stated that it was the general report in the neighborhood where the negro woman lived when at [Leade?] Mines's that the woman was unhealthy I asked him to state some of the persons who told him this, I that he answered with a good deal of apparent resentment this has been my impression ever since the trial

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11 Question By same What part of the negro did he say I compared to a deers bag soaked Can the trial for slander? Answ I have no distinct recollection


Answed I have no knowledge of my activity displayed by him any that occasion. all I know or recollect of his activity was testifying before the court when called on as I have before stated.

Are you not [retained?] for Mr W Clintie [illegible?] Answer I am retained in the present by W.W.Clintie and was retained in the action of Slander which gave rise to this suit but how long I [illegible?] been retained in that with I to not distinctly recollect I think W W Clintie [illegible?] me in his action of Slander proba