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12 bly in the winter of 1810-11- That is the winter before last the particular month I cannot recollect - nor am I very certain as to the year stated - it is given from present recollection Can you [illegible] a [illegible] & influenced evidence Answ'r. I consider this a very strange & improper question. Nevertheless, I have no objection to answer it. When I am called upon and sworn to declare the truth I believe it is my character & I know it is my disposition to declare the truth as far I know or believe. I am at loss to know what is here intended by uninfluenced unless it is to know whether I am capable of swearing the truth on such an occasion if that is the meaning my conscience compels me to answer in the affirmative - I have been called upon by you to give evidence & what I have declared is the truth to the rest of my knowledge or belief have you [illegible] an [incidental?] [illegible] fee in this case [illegible] what is the amount [illegible] and in what [proportion?] to be had