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Benjamin Fa[us?]etts. Bath Country 25 Nov 1811 The following Affidavits were taken to be read as evidence in or sent now depending and undetermined in the Chancery District Court Holden in Staunton between Bollar Plaintiff and William WClintie Defendant taken by previous notice.

The affadvit of William WClung. this affidavit being of full age and duly Inli[?]ice state as follows Question by Dept have you not [usted?] as deputy sheriff in Bath County for some time part? Answer I have for two years or [usinards?] Question By the same Also you summon the Jury for the trial of the case between John Bollar [?] and myself in Bath Superior Court Answer I did Question By the same what kind of men composed that jury? Answer I thought the pretty good men Question by the same were they near neighbors to Wm WClintie Answer there were three of them that do no live in Bath County other three do not live within less than nine miles and the balance at the greater distance

Question by the same did you or do you not see John Bollar enduring the time of the said trial meet one or more of the Jurors who had necessarily gone out of the Courthouse and shake Hands with them? Answer I did

Question by the same at what time of the Trial did this take place.

Answer to the best of my recollection it was after the lawyers had done arguing the cause and further this afficint sayeth not Wm M Clung