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The deposition of Catharine Carl taken by previous notice at the house of John McClung in Bath County on the 16 Day of March 1812 to Be read in evidence in a suit depending in the Staunton Chancery Court in which John Bollar is Plaintiff and William McClintie is defendant This deponant being of full age and duly sworn states as follows Question by Defendant did you hear Martha Lemon a Daughter of John Bollar say any thing with respect to her father wanting her to sear as a witness in the present case, some moths ago when depositions were about to be taken in Same case Answer I heard her say that on a Sunday previous to depositions being taken her father came to her house when she was not at home he returned Monday and wanted her to go and swear against William McClintie when she told told him she knew nothing about the matter he asked if she did not remember of McClintie, swearing that the Negroe's back was as white as Chalk or snow she told him she did not hear him swear any such thing she also told me her father was angry with her on account of her not going. and further said that as she intended to Leave this Country purposed doing it without biding her father farewell on account of it and further this deponant sayeth not Catharine Carl x her mark Jno Brown W Setlington

The deposition of James Musson taken at the same place by Virtue of the same notice on the same day in the same suit and between the same parties This deponant being of full age and duly qualified states as follows