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Depo'n of James J. Mayers cont'd. 13 Answ'r. I consider this last question equally improper but as general Blackburn insists on it, I will answer it likewise - I do not know whether I understand what you mean by an incidental or eventual fee - If it is meant a fee that depends on the event of the suit or what is generally called a contingent fee - I answer that I have no reason to expect any such as no contract or agreement has been made between myself & the deft. respecting such a fee nor has he ever promised me such a fee. I have received no fee in this case as yet, but I expect the sum of $20- will be paid me but this by no means depends on the event of the suit - nor is any time stipulated when that is to be paid No other questions being asked this deponent further sayeth not- James J. Mayers

Augusta County to wit, The foregoing deposition was sworn to and subscribed before us justices of the peace for the country aforesaid - the plaintiff being present by his counsel & the defendant in his proper person - Given under our hands the 20th day of March 1822 Alex'r McClair John C Sowers