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page 2 Subject to Histeric fits, and that if Major Bollar whipped her, as she heard he whipped his Negros, that it would be apt to kill her,. Ques. by the same. Did he appear to get in a passion when Questioned by the attorney for the commonwealth, Ans'w I think he appeared a good Dale angry when Cross-Examined by the States attorney, and further sayeth not. Given under my hand this 25th March 1812 John Smith This was Solemny affirmed to before us Wm Poage Robert Gay

On the Same Day time and place as above mentioned we proceed to take the Deposition of George Brindley after being duly sworn on the holy Evenjalist of almighty God Deposeth and Sayeth that I was one of the jurors on the trial of William McClintie and John Bollar Senr in a suit of Hander in the Superior court of Bath County in September 1811 Qust by the Deffendant. Did you see John Bollard? Shaking hands with any of the Jury when this went out of court after being [impermelled?] and the suit not divided, and what time of the .at trail Answ I did see him shaking hands with one of the jury, but I cannot recollect at what time of the trial Ques by the same. Did he follow the jury out of the court house or did his conduct appear to you that he wished to influance the jury by his shaking with them, Answ I am not certain whether he foll[ow?]ed the jury out of the court house or not, when I first seen him he was walking along side of the jury, and it was my impression that he wanted to influence the jury, - by his shaking hands, and I likewise che[a?]ked the juryman I seen him shake hands with, and told him he ought not to have done it, Ques by the same. Did I treat you or did you see me treat any of the jury from the the the was impa[nnelled?] till the cause was decided, Answ You did not treat me, neither, did I see you treat any of the jury until the cause was decided.

page 3 Ques by the same, Did [I?] speak to you or did you see me speak to any of the jury from the time the jury imp[pannelled?] until the cause was decided. Answ you did not speak to me neither did I see you speak to any of the jury. Ques by the same what distance do you live from me or had you any acquaintance with me untill after the trail, Answ I do not know where you live, by the best information it is about forty miles. neither had I any acquaintance with you till after the trial Ques by the same, was David Bird one of the jury, for the highest damages or for the lowest, Ques by the same. Did not John Bollar Jur appear as active in the cause as John Bollar Serv Answ he appeared very officrous with the attorney like he was whispering

I impresion that he was going about through the company

getting information concerning the suit and then coming, giving thee attorney information given under my hand this 25th of March 1812 Geo, Bundley Sworn to before us Wm Paage Robert Gay