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16 give in my evidence; and how far do you live from him; and what was that conversation? Answer I live within three quarters of a mile of him, and after the Suit was brought by McClintie against Bollar, I asked said Bourland, if he was at the Court of enquiry and if he recollected what McClintie Said, he answered that he was there and after a Small pause, he said Billy you know that I am a man that does not want to get into Law or be called upon as a Witness, therefore I paid very little attention to what was said. Question by the Same. is Mr. Bourland called a man of good reasonable Sense Answer I cannot say that I ever heard any body say that he was not a man of common sense, but have frequently heard people say he was a medling man Question by the Plaintiff Have you ever known Mr. Bourland to have any Suits in Court in consequence of his being a Medling man Answer. I have not. Question by the Same. is there any enmity between you and Mr. Bourland. Answer. I hold him at no enmity now. Question by the Magistrates, Do you know if Mr. Bourland has been called into Court as a Witness on account of his medling as you have heard people say Answer I do not know that he was ever brought into court as a Witness on any Such account Question by the Defendant. In what relation do you stand with the said And W. Bourland Answer, he is my full Cousin and Uncle to my wife And further this Deponant Saith not Sworn to and Subscribed 17 Sworn to and Subscribed before us the 15th day of Nov'r. 1811 } Wm. McC. Dean John Berry J L Hamilton

The Deposition of James Venable of lawful age being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, deposeth and saith That he was at the examining Court held for the trial of John Bollar Sen'r. question by the Defendant. Did you hear me examined as a Witness on that trial. Answer, I was Question by the Same. Did I compare any part of her back to Chalk or Snow. Answer, not that I recollect Question by the same. Did you take particular notice of my Testimony. Answer. I think I did. Question by the same. Did you hear me make any comparison with respect to her breast, and what were they Answer. to the best of my knowledge, you said her breast he thought was as white as Snow or Chalk, but the nearest comparison was a Deer's leg Soaked in Water. Question by the same Did the question come from the bar or me of as white as Snow or Chalk Answer. I am not so Certain, but believe it came from you that is my impression Question by the Plaintiff. Did you not hear Mr. McClintie the Defendant say her ear or part of her ear was off Answer, I think he stated that he thought the rim or part of the rim of the ear was off. I cannot be positive And further this deponant saith not James Venable Sworn to and Subscribed before us the 15th day of Nov'r. 1811. } Wm McC. Dean John Berry

The deposition of Rob't McClintie