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18 The Deposition of Robert McClintie of lawful age being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God deposeth and saith. That on the evening after the Jury was impannelled and Sworn on the trial between Wm McClintie Plaintiff and John Bollar Sen'r. Defendant, the witnesses were not examined, as I came up to Mr. Harnest Store Door, I saw Mr. McClintie the Defendant hand out a cup of Some kind of Spirits to Some Person at the Door, but do not know if they were on Horse back or not, after that I went in to the Store and heard John Bollar Jun'r. say to John Bollar Sen'r. look at Wm McClintie treating, with that they both came forward to the door & looked out. After that I went out and took Wm. McClintie to one side and told him that John Bollar Jun'r. had told his Father John Bollar Sen'r. that Wm McClintie was treating, Wm McClintie went into the House immediately after I had informed him, and said he was told that some body had said he was treating, and it was false, for it was not his liquor, but Alexander McClintie's liquor, and that Alex'r. McClintie had asked him to bring it out to him and he did so. Maj'r. Adam Givens replied to him that it was not him who had said he was treating to which Wm McClintie replied that it was not him but young Maj'r. Bollar and he could prove it. Question by the Defendant Do you Suppose that John Bollard Sen'r. and John Bollard Jun'r. heard me when I made the above reply Answer. I think you spoke it loud enough for every one in the House to hear it. Question by the Plaintiff was there not a great noise in the Store when the Defendant McClintie made use of the aforesaid words Answer When he came in there was a good deal of noise, but when the said McClintie spoke and was rather in a passion there was Silence, and John Bollar Jun'r appeared to me Some what condemned, and changed Color and looked pale. (19)