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To Injoin the Defendant his agents attornies and all other concerned from further proceeding on a Judgment obtained by the Defendant against the Plaintiff in the Superior Court for Bath County untill the further order of of this Court. But the effect of this injunction is to be suspended untill the Plaintiff enters into Bond with sufficient security in the Clerks office of said Superior in a penalty equal to double the amount of the Judgment hereby Injoined with such conditions as the law requires, and also filed with the Clerk of said Superior Court or with the Clerk of this Court a release of all orders at law in said Judgment & proceedings Teste Henry J Peyton C C Memo. If the [illegible] of errors be filed with the Clerk of said Superior Court a Copy thereof must be certified to this Court. Teste Henry J. Peyton C C Bath County Superior Court Clerks Office Bond is entered into Teste Chs L Francisco Clk Bollar vs McClintock } Spa & Injn Executed Wm M. McClintie [illegible] Dinwiddie P. B. C