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(2) Wm Dews for hires of slaves in his hands Cr 1834 Principal Interest Jan 1st By Balance due the estate 828.44 46.48 " hire of Phil for 1853 now due pr bond of Jos. R. Edmunds and James Edmunds uncollected in the hands of Dews } 84.00 " hire of Edmund for 1833 now due by bond of H. Wade and Branch A. Hill in the hands of Dews uncollected 99.00 " " of Jack for 1853 now due by bond of Nath'l Mason and Morris M. Mason in the hands of Dews uncollected - } 93.60 " " of Alcey for 1853 now due by bond of Jno. C. McHaney & Joseph Edmunds in the hands of Dews uncollected - 54.00 " " of Mary for the first month of 1853 she having died at the end of it Now due 3.35 " " of Churchwell for 1853 rec'd on the 2nd of Feb. 53 with int 74.40 " " of Ellick for 1853 paid March the 11th 1854 9.60 " " of Fanny for 1853 now due 39.00 By Interest on $828.44 (prin) to 1 Octo '54 37.27 1285.39 83.75 By error in amt. charged for hire of Phil 2 years including inter't to 1st of Oct. 1854 1285.30 83.75 6.27 * 1291.66 83.75 1854 June 26 On this day June County Court for Halifax the negroes in the possession of Dews were delivered to the Commissioners appointed to receive them. They had been hired out on the 1st Jany 1854 by the month in order to have them ready for delivery under any decree that might be made taking bonds with such condition. The hires contracted for by bonds when apportioned for the time they were held under such contract are as follows See over -

  • Phils hire for 1851 & 1852 due one year after said dates is so entered the foregoing acc't. but it seems that Dews rec'd both hires with int 23d of Aug 1853 which with in't. from the end of that year makes the above difference against him of $6.27 to be added (see his statement Marked N. T. G)