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(3) (3) Dr The Estate of Wm Carlton dec'd in A/c with William Dews for hires of slaves in his hands Cr 1854 Principal Interest

                                                                                      $   cts

Jany 22nd To Commissions on amount due estate by bonds uncollected in the hands of Dews and to be collected by him 12.20 To balance due for this year on bond for hires when collected 231.78 . 243.98 1854 Statement for decree 1st [Jly?] by consent or otherwise a decree should be rendered against William Dews for the whole amount of hires collected and uncollected by him then the statement for decree will stand as follows 1854 Oct'r 1st To am't due the estate this day folio (2) 1140.43 83.75 To Amt of hires since 1st of Jany 1854 uncollected 231.78 . (Prin) 1372.21 . (Interest) 83.75

                                                                                   11|  1455.96

Amt to decree to each ..... 132.36 . 11| 1372.21 [a vertical line connects the "each" above to the following line] with interest on 124.74 till [?]

Amt to be decreed under this statement to each distributee $132.36 cents with interest on $124.74 a part thereof from the 1st day of October 1854 Statement 2nd for decree It is alleged by the said Dews that a suit has been depending in the County Court since the property aforesaid fell into his hands as adm'r of Elizabeth hart who was tenant for life of the slaves aforesaid - that by the parties in that suit who were seeking the division of the same property and under the same rights which has now been decreed in this cause he was required through their Counsel so to manage the property and to keep the funds as to be ready to answer any decree that might be rendered against him by that Court at any time that consequently he has