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4 Dr The estate of William Carlton dec'd in A/c with hired the Negroes to be delivered at any time when called for and has kept the funds arising from their hires ready to meet any decrees that might be made he therefore insists that he should not be charged with any interest on the hires aforesaid. If such should be the opinion of the Court then the following statement will show the am't. to which each distributee is entitled Am't due the estate without Int. $1372.21 One eleventh part to each $124.74 with interest there thereon from the date of the decree Statement 3rd If the said Dews should be held responsible to a pecuniary decree only for the am'ts actually received by him and unexpended in charges and that he deliver over the uncollected bonds to the parties or a collector then the statement should be as follows Balance due the estate 1st Octob'r. 1st Oc't. 1854 Principal $1372.21 83.75 Cr Deduct from the above the following uncollected bonds due 1st Jany 1854 1853 J. R. & James Edmunds bond $84 H Wade & B. A. Hills bond $99 N & M M Mason's bond $93.60 Jno. C. McHaney & Joe Edmunds $34.00 1854 Geo Creasy & Th Fitch bond $31.60 Nat & M Mason's bond $52.56 Peyton Tynes & W L. Jennings bond 61.92 R. A. Clements &c bond 23.77 Tucker & Adams bond $8.60 529.05 . 843.16 To which add commissions heretofore allowed said Dews on said bonds as if he had collected them and been charged therewith 26.45 83.75 11/869.61 One eleventh to each distributee 79.05 7.61 7.61 $80.66 Decree to each $86.66 with interest on $79.05 part thereof from the 1st Oct. 1854 till paid