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(4) A list of offsets filed by William Dews against the estate of William Carlton 1850 To 1 pr of shoes for Joel. T. Beal's rcp't. $1.00 1851 Medical bill paid Jno. H. Estes pr his receipt $4.00 1850, To clothing furnished Alcey & Child by Ezekiel Dews as per acc't. & recp't. $6.08 1852 Medical bill paid J H. Estes for attention to Alcey as pr recp't $20.00 1850, & 51 To clerks tickets paid by Dews $1.71 1852 To cash paid Henry East for apprehending runaway due by judgement of a Justice of the Peace $5.40

-- To cash paid James Tucker for keeping Negro woman Katy        $10.00

1850-51 To cash pd. Clerk (tickets) $5.43 1853 " " pd J. H. Estes Medical bill $8.00 1853 " " Wm. D. Wright for keeping Katy in [5B?] $17.50 1853 " " paid Lacy for crying Negroes .75 1854 " " pd J. H. Estes Med bill $2.00 1854 " " " Giles Martin for keeping Katy $10.13 " For getting Negroes together for delivery $5.00 " board and atte'n to Churchwell while sick for 10 days $2.00 " To bringing Negroes to the C. H. for delivery Per Geo Dejarnett's recp't $4.00 " To cash paid Price for board of Negroes when brought down to be given up pr recpt $6.00 " To cash paid Parham H. Price for burying Girl Mary $5.00 " To cash paid R. E. Withers Med bill for attention to boy Edmund per Recp't. $30.00 " To cash paid R. E. Withers Med bill pr recp $8.00 " " " " " 8.00 To cash paid Peyton Tynes for attention to Edmund 21 days while he was sick and after he was required to deliver up said Negro to Dews at 50 cents per day $10.50 Cash paid for 1 pair shoes furnished by Tynes 1.50 (7) " " " Making Coat by Tynes .75 Some counsel's fees and Clerk's tickets left out Wm Dews Sworn to and subscribed before me as commissioner aforesaid this 24th day of July 1854 nath. T. Green The examination of William Dews one of the defendants taken by Nath T. Green Commissioner of the Circuit Court of Halifax County at the office of Mr Geo. H. West at the Court house of said County on the 24th day of July 1864 upon interrogation propounded to the said William Dews by the said Commissioner to be used as evidence before the said Commissioner touching a certain matter of account referred to him for settlement by a decree of the said Court made on the 15th day of May 1854 in a suit in chancery therein depending between Leonard Carlton Alexander Dudley adm'r of Elizabeth Crittenden and J. H. Crittenden plaintiffs and the said William Dews Elisha Barksdale William McHaney and others defendants. The examinant being first duly sworn deposes & says 1st interrogatory. During what year were the negroes mentioned in the proceedings first hired out by you Answer They were first hired out in 1850 by me 2nd interrogatory. was that the earliest period at which they could have been hired out after Coming into your possession Answer It was 3rd Which of the Negroes were old enough and in condition to be hired out at that time Answer Phil Edmund Jack Churchwell Alcey & child Ellick, Fanny & Mary 4th Interrogatory For what did each of these slaves hire respectively during 1850 over