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(2) Answer Phil Jack and Edmund hired for (Due 1st jan 1851) $225.00 Alcey & child $27.75 Fanny $6.60 Mary 5.00 Churchwell $7.20 5th Interrogatory For what did they hire for the Year 1851 Answer Phil 60.77 Jack hire with interest up to the 17th of Jany 1853 * from 1st Jan 52 $88.35 Edmunds hire with interest from 1st jan 1852 to 29th of Oct 52 $84.64 Churchwell hired for $30.60 Alcey & child " $18.61 Girl Mary " 20.00 Girl Fanny " $20.00 [marginal note]

  • This date is evidently a mistake it should have been November the 29th 1852 see his statement

Marked N. T. G. 6th Interrogatory For what did these negroes hire for the year 1852 Answer Phil hired for $84.00 Edmund " $72.60 Jack " $74.82 Churchwell (paid 26th June 53) * $37.85 Alcey & child " $25.80 Girl Mary " $30.00 " Fanny " (paid Sep 5 53) $29.32 7th Interrogatory For what did they hire during the year 1853 (3) [in margin next to the list of names] Answer Phil hired for (due by bond of Joseph Edmunds & Jas. R. Edmunds 84.00 Edmund " due by bond of H Wade & Cranch A. Hill $99.00 Jack " due by bond of Nath'l Mason & Morris M. Mason $93.60 Churchwell (paid with int on the 2nd of Feb 54 $74.40 Ellick ( paid March 11th with int) $9.60 Alcey (due by bond of John C McHaney & Jas Edmunds) $54.00 Mary (hire for one Month she having died at the end of it) $3.35 Fanny " Paid $39.00

8th Interrogatory For what did they hire during the time that elapsed from the 1st of January 1854 until they were delivered up to the commissioner to sell ordered under the decree of the Court of the 10th of May 1854 Answer Phil hired for (for 5 month and 22 days at 9 dollars per Month $51.60 by bond of Geo Creasy & Thos Fitch Jack hired for (for 5 months and 22 days at $9.17 per Month) $52.56 bond of Nath Mason & Morris Mason Edmund hired for (for same time as above stated at $10.80 pr month $61.92 due by bond of Peyton Tynes & William L Jennings Churchwell hired for from the 4th of Jan 1854 (he being sick) until the 22nd of June at $5 pr Month) paid to Dews $28.33 Alcey (at $4.25 pr month for 5 month and 18 days) due by bond on R. A. Clement & co $23.77 Fanny hired (for same time (5 m + 22 days) $3 per month) $17.20 Paid Mr Dews Ellick (for same time $1.50 pr month bond on Tucker & Adams $8.60 Wm Dews Sworn to and subscribed before me as commissioner as aforesaid this 24th day July 1854 Nath. T. Green