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(5) Halifax Co Ho at which time and place they were required to attend for the purpose aforesaid that none of the parties attending at the time and place appointed as aforesaid except the defendant William Dews who was required to render the said account The said William Dews produced before your Commissioner sundry vouchers Memorandums and statements in relation to the account aforesaid and your Commissioner further to enable him to take said account examined the said William Dews on Oath in reference to the same and upon such examination vouchers and statements your Commissioner has stated and settled the foregoing account of the hires of the slaves in the proceedings mentioned during the time mentioned in the said decree, deducting therefrom all necessary and proper expenses incurred for said slaves and allowing the said Dews a commission at the rate of 5 pr cent per annum and Charging him with interest on the balance due at the end of the year in which it was received and also charging him with the amt of uncollected bonds still remaining in his hands your Commissioner finds that on the 1st day of October 1854 there will be in the hands of the said adm'r arising from hires as aforesaid $1455.96 of which $83.75 is interest. Your Commissioner deems it pertinent to report specially to the Court that, if no interest should be allowed against the said Dews for the seasons mentioned in the 2nd statement that then the am't due the distributees for hires will be only $1372.21 - that the first and second statement of your Commissioner which embrace the whole am't of hires collected and uncollected are based upon the supposition that before any decree can be rendered in the cause the said William Dews will collect the whole of the uncollected bonds for hire, now in his hands; or that he will be willing to assume the am'ts of such bonds and consent to a Decree (5) for the whole hires. Your Commissioner however has made a statement (No 3) showing the actual am't of money in the hands of the said William Dews for hires at this date to wit: $869.61 for principal and $83.75 for interest and $529.05 for bonds uncollected (see statement No 3) page 4). Your Commissioner has also modified his latter statement shewing in statement No 4 page 4 what would be the amt should no interest be charged against the said William Dews for hires received Your Commissioner has moreover endeavoured to make out a short statement ready for decree amongst the parties should the Court think proper to adopt either of the above mentioned views All of which together with the vouchers examination of the defendant Dews &c is respectfully reported and submitted Nath'l. T. Green Commissioner Time employed in examining vouchers taking evidence and in stating settling and reporting the foregoing account 12 hours $9.00 Commissioner's fee charged to plaintiff Nath. T. Green Com'r. Fee bill for other services $ cts For copy of decree & notice made out and sent to Danvill register 0.20 To Postage to Danvill 3¢ double 0.06 For three notices sent to King & Queen and postage on same 3¢ .66 " two Notices to Pittsylvania & postage 3¢ .46 " three " " Halifax .60 . $1.98 Add for taking acc't. as above 9.00 . $10.90 Nath'l. T. Green Com'r The above fee and charges have been paid to the Commissioner by William Dews and chg'd to estate in acc't. Nath'l. T. Green Com'r