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had one cent of money to the children of Eliza E Fourqurean decd. At the time of the death of Lucy Boxley, Eliza E. Fourqurean had four children, viz: Daniel W., Lucy W., Mathew W. & Wm R Fourqurean and of these W. T. Fourqurean qualified as guardn. and your respondent is advised that under the will of Lucy Boxley, these children alone took the tract of land aforesaid, and also the slaves given by the 4th clause of her will. Respondent further answering admits that W.T. Fourqurean departed this life in the year 1880, having first made & published his last will and testament; but respondent utterly denies that the said W.T. Fourqurean died without having settled with the Complainants for their respective shares of the proceeds of the sale of said tract of land, "and the other moneys due them as legatees of the said Lucy Boxley." The said W.T. Fourqurean not long before his death, on the [blank] day of May 1880, had a settlement with the said M.W. Fourqurean & Wm. R. Fourqurean, of the amounts due them for their shares in the said of said land, & other moneys due them as legatees of Lucy Boxley decd., executing to each of them his bond for the sum of $1680; being the full amounts due by him form that source: as will more fully appear from said bonds which are filed in this cause.