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The answer of E.R. Betts, Sallie B. Cushman, Saml. W. Fourqurean & Wm [blank] the admr. & Annie his wife, to a bill filed in Halifax Circuit Court against themselves & others by M. W. Fourqurean & W. R. Fourqurean. These respondents saving the usual exceptions to the Plff's bill for answers say that they admit that Lucy Boxley died in 1851 & left a will which was probated & a court copy of which is filed with the bill. They also admit the qualification of Daniel W Fourqurean as her Executor, with Wm. T. Fourqurean & Wm. L. Owen as his sureties. They admit also the sale by said D. W. Fourqurean as such Exor of the tract of land devised in the 4th clause of Lucy Boxley's will, the subsequent oath of said D. W. Fourqurean without settling any account & the qualification of Wm. T. Fourqurean as his admr with Wm L & Thos E Owen as his sureties, & the death of sd. Wm T Fourqurean, & the commitment of the estates of Lucy Boxley. D.W. Fourqurean & Wm T Fourqurean to H. A. Edmundson Shff of Halifax County. They also admit that the bill correctly set forth the children of Eiza E Fourqurean. & the