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descendants of the deceased daughters Parthenia W Betts. These respondents further answering would say that they are informed & charge that the will of Lucy Boxley gave to the children of Eliza E. Fourqurean living at her death all the slaves mentioned in the 3d. clause of the said will & also the slaves & proceeds of land mentioned in the 4th clause of said will & the children named in the will as defendants together with the sd Parthena W. Betts were the living children of the said Eliza E. Fourqurean at her death, to wit: in 1876 & Mrs Betts died 5 May 1880 and further answering they say that they are informed that some of the negroes so given them were sold by the said Danl W or Wm T. Fourqurean, or the proceeds of sale went into their hands as well as the $2450.00 derived from the sale of said tract of land. They pray that this answer be taken as a cross bill if necessary, & that the proper inquires be made to ascertain what became of the estate of Lucy Boxley mentioned in the 3d & 4th clause of her will & that their rights in the same be decreed to them. And having fully answered