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Ballard P., Benjamin B, and Josephine J. Fourquerean, the last three of whom are under twenty one years of age. The said Lucy W. Fourquerean died an infant in 1859, and the said Danl. W. Fourquerean, son of Eliza E Fourquerean, died after attaining his majority, interstate, unmarried and without issue. They owed no debts, there was no necessity for administration on their estates, and consequently no personal representative ever qualified on their estates or on the estate ever qualified on their estates or on the estate of the said Eliza B. Fourqurean. Your Orators charge that the said W. T. Fourquerean died without having settled any account of the transactions of Daniel W. Fourquerean as Executor of Lucy Boxley decd. or of his own transactions as admr. of the said Daniel W. Fourquerean decd.; and without paying over to your Orators their respective shares of the proceeds of the sale of the said tract of land, and the other moneys due them as legatees of the said Lucy Barclay. They therefor pray that the said H. A. Edmondson, Sheriff of Halifax County and as such admr. j.b.u.c.t.a. of Lucy Boxley decd., and as such admr. j.b.n. of Daniel W. Fourquerean decd., and as such admr. with the will annexed of W. T. Fourquerean decd., W. L. Owen, Thos. E Owen, E. R. Betts, W. F. Betts, Ralston Betts, Jno. T Cushman and Sallie R, his wife,