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Saml W. Fourquerean, Annie E. Fourquerean, Bettie B. Fourquerean, Ballard P Fourquerean, Benjamin B Fourquerean, and Josephine J. Fourquerean may be made parties defendant hereto and required to answer each allegation hereof, as if specially interrogation thereto, the infants to answer by their guardian ad litem; may the said H. A. Edmondson, Sheriff of Halifax County and as such admr. d.b.u. of Daniel W. Fourquerean decd. be required to settle an account of the transactions of his intestate as Executor of Lucy Boxley decd; may the said Sheriff as such administrator, the said W. L. Owen, and the said Sheriff as admr. with the will annexed of W. T. Fourquerean decd., (the said Owen and W. T. Fourquerean being the sureties of Daniel W Fourquerean as Exor of Lucy Boxley decd.), and the said Sheriff as admr. of with the will annexed of W.T. Fourquerean decd., the said W.L. Owen and Thos. E. Owen, (the said W.L and Thos. E. Owen being sureties of W. T. Fourquerean as admr. of Daniel W Fourquerean decd.), or such of them as the Court may deem liable, be compelled to pay to your orators the moneys due them as legatees under the will of Lucy Boxley decd., and especially their respective shares of the proceeds of sale of the said tract of land devised by the said Lucy Boxley to the children of Eliza E.